Thursday, February 16, 2017

Citizens irked over ‘unconstitutional’ decision of MUDA

The decision of Mysore Urban Development Authority to rent Bannimantap Grounds for private parties to conduct functions on a condition that non vegetarian food should not be cooked nor served has met with a strong opposition from concerned citizens, rational thinkers, and writers. 

Labeling the Bannimantap ground has a ‘sacred’ ground, as dasara related activities are held, and Banni trees are in the premises the decision has been taken by MUDA. The people who prepare non vegetarian food are disappointed lot with such ‘unconstitutional’ condition. Though they wish to host the event at the Bannimantap grounds, the condition has become a major set back. 

Sharing their views with Express over the ‘undemocratic’ decision of MUDA, Political Analyst Prof Muzaffar Assadi said: “If Bannimantap grounds is sacred it should not be given to any private parties, as its sacredness will be lost. In future alcohol will be served, will it not spoil the sanctity?. The decision is against the culture of the people. Even Goddess Chamundeshwari oppose the decision and says non vegetarian is my culture follow it. Either they should rent for both vegetarian - non vegetarians without, or let them not rent the land for anyone.’ 

University of Mysore Prof Maheshchandra Guru said: ‘Bannimantap is not a sacred ground. Its just an another public place, similar to Dasara Exhibition Grounds, Open Air theater and it belongs to people of all walks of life and all religions.'

'The decision of MUDA is a unconstitutional and highly objectionable. It appears the decision has been taken motivated by certain fundamentalists. MUDA should immediately withdraw its decision, which is against the constitutional norms, and laws of nature justice, and allow people to have food whatever they wish. Or else, we agitate against this undemocratic decision,” he warned. Continuing he added, “Dividing people from the society on the basis of caste, religion, food habits is highly condemnable. Majority of the people are non-vegetarians, indigenous people and follow their own culture.”

Rationalist Prof KS Bhagwan said: ‘The condition of MUDA is to intentionally discriminate the people. It appears this is a conspiracy to keep a section of community people outside the social network. Its against the principles of Constitution, and its intents social equality, social justice. Without any discrimination the ground should be given for rent to people of all walks of life, or else should not be rent to any.’

‘There are even vegetarian people who eat non vegetarian food. Even Mysuru rulers were having non vegetarian food, andRamayana Rama, Arjuna and other kshatriyas were also eating non veg food, but all that has been kept in secret’, he quoted.   

Citizen Thomas who had planned to host a event on the ground said: ‘We prepare non vegetarian foods in our function. The decision of MUDA is not welcome. It would have been better if they had used the ground to host Republic Day, Independence Day and Dasara events. If this condition is imposed, I feel most of the community people can never host any events on this grounds.’

Karnataka Dalit Welfare Trust President Shantharaju said: ‘We are confused which government is in power. For the interest of the small percentage of people, majority of the people cant sacrifice their food culture. I condemn strongly the move of MUDA.’

MUDA Chairman Dhruvakumar said: ‘Bannimantap is a sacred place. If permission is given to serve non vegetarians the sanctity of the place will be lost. Thus, we have taken a decision in the regard not to rent out the grounds for those serve non vegetarian foods.’   

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