Sunday, March 27, 2016

451 babies have died over a span of eleven months at Cheluvamba Hospital

It is not just the news of the maternal deaths in the Cheluvamba Hospital that has created fear but also the death of the new born ones. As many as 451 babies have died over a span of eleven months at Cheluvamba Hospital.
Out of the total 451 babies that died from January to November 26, 277 were delivered at Cheluvamba Hospital, while the remaining 174 babies were brought here in critical condition after they were delivered in other hospitals. In this month alone (November) 32 babies and 12 mothers have died, of which 12 babies and six pregnant women were referred in last minute to the hospital.

As many as 11,755 pregnant women were admitted to the hospital, of which, 8414 women have delivered babies normally, while 3341 have underwent Caesarian operation, giving birth to 10,563 babies in all. As per the records the highest number of pregnant women got admitted in the month of January touching 1154 and the lowest was in November with 843. 

Cheluvamba Hospital Superintendent Radhamani said that the major three reasons for the death of infant is Meconium aspiration syndrome (also known as neonatal aspiration) characterised by amniotic fluid in their lungs, 40 to 60 per cent death due to low birth weight and congenital heart diseases.

Some of the babies that survive the delivery eventually die because of congenital heart diseases. Early detection can save the lives. The time delay in last minute admission from other hospitals is the other major reason, due to which it becomes difficult to save their lives,” she added.

District Health Officer Basavaraju said that 23 maternity death and 277 infant death ( from birth to 1 years) have been reported between April to October 2015 in the district. 'We are providing best possible health care for mother and child. The numbers of Mysuru district are less compared with State's mortality rate,' he added.

MMC&RI Director Dr B Krishnamurthy said that there are several reasons that lead to the death of the infants and parents have to take certain preventive steps.

A Pediatrician who is working in a private firm and did not wished to be named opined that the reason for death of babies has to be studied in depth while pregnant women have to be informed about do's and dont's, so that lives of babies can be saved.

What should be done
* Early marriages should be strictly enforced. Women should be allowed to marry only after completing 18 years of age.
* Premature birth can be stopped with regular check ups
* Proper doses of Iron and Calcium tablets have to be taken during the pregnancy period which most women neglect, because of which under-weight children are born and die some times.
* Proper care should be taken at all delivery centers
* Cases suspected of complicated pregnancy should be informed well in advance and additional care should be provided.
* Gap between two pregnancy should be minimum 3 years
* Nutritious food should be given to women , so the healthy babies are delivered.

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