Thursday, October 3, 2013

Information on Agriculture for students, citizens

Growing veggies in school campus will not only nurture skills of the students, whereas provides fresh vegetables, greens for Midday meal, which indeed helps to combat with malnutrition and inflation. With this backdrop, Kalpavruksha Trust is planning to provide agriculture information for children, teachers with the launch of programme 'Nutritious Farm'. The trust has selected 100 rural schools in Mysore district under first phase and will extend gradually.
Trust Secretary Rajaram said that majority of the schools don't have first hand information on how to nurture plants. “We have visited several schools, where we have witnessed the veggies are grown in unscientific way (under Sarva Shikshan Abhiyan Ki Thoota). By growing them in right way good yield can be obtained and will be sufficient for Mid day meal.”
Scientist Dr Vasanth Kumar said that Apart from Food Security importance should be given for 'Nutritional Security'. Distributing Milk and Iron Tablets to children will provide calcium and iron contents. But, for other mineral contents fruits, vegetables should be provided.
Hike in prices of essential commodities is burning the pocket of consumers. In every household using small pots the needed vegetables for their use can be grown. The trust will educate them in scientific way of harvesting short-term crops (two-three months),” said Sadananda, another member.
A team of six persons work under the programme, under the guidance of Agriculture Scientist Dr Vasanth Kumar. They will also educate general public about the right processes to be followed while seeding and how to harvest healthier and organic veggies in their vicinity. The trust will distribute seeds, manure, saplings, hoe, and other needed tools freely for the school. As the vegetables reaches from garden to table, it will be of fresh and high in nutritious value.

Short-term veggies
Daily use vegetables like Brinjal, Ladies fingure, Tomato, Chilli, knol khol, cabbage, Cauliflower, bottle gourd, pumpkin, ridge gourd, radish, carrot, betroot, green leaves, can be grown easily within span of short time. By growing long-term crops like Ivy Gourd, chayote squash, Flat beans or Broad beans, moringa tree (fast growing drumstick tree), papaya, Cheek, Guava trees children get all sorts of mineral contents. For seeds and other queries contact 91648 37773.

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