Friday, October 25, 2013

Home is the school for this wonder kid !

In this era of globalisation hooked up with competitions, children are sent to convents to face the challenging world. But, home is the school and parents are teachers for Abhigya, a wonder kid, who is learning the 5th grade books at home and knows to read and write Sanskrit, Tamil, Kannada, English, and also speaks a bit of German.

Eight-year-old Abhigya memory makes one mesmerised. He chants 14 full chapters comprising 570 Slokas from the Bhagavad Gita by memory. All this he picked up in 9 months. He wishes to chant the entire 18 chapters of the Gita out of memory on Gita Jayanthi day.

He used to identify 40 flags of different countries and more than 50 car models just by glancing at them at the age of two and half year. At present he identifies more than 100 car models and about 125 herbs from the book titled 'Secrets of Indian Herbs'. If a picture is shown, he says the botanical name of each herb and its usage.

With the help of Youtube and his mother Annu, he has learnt to pronounce Bhagavad Gita correctly. For socialising he is being taken to a nearby MCF Government school at Belagola daily for two hours.

Wearing a Thulsi Mala and Tilak, he starts chanting mantras. He says: “I love to teach Bhagavad Gita verses to children and read books of Amar Chitrakathas.” He has read more than 500 Amar Chitra Katha stories till date and has chanted 6 chapters of Bhagawadgita at temples in Melbourne, Mysore and Bangalore. He enjoys reading newspapers, books and interested in learning 'Kalaripayattu' more than Karate. He had learnt Jiujitsu during his stay in Melbourne.

When his sister Abhidheya was suffering from dengue symptoms, he had suggested the herbal medicine for his parents, from which his sister recovered. Even she chants around 80 verses by hearing her brother.

Parents Anand and Annu who don't believe in today's boxed system of education say, they will enroll their wards in any school, that will allow self paced education and provide the comfort zone to learn the subjects of their interest and not bog them down with homework.

“Due to my IT profession, I had the opportunity to live in eight different countries across Europe, US Australia and Canada for the last 13 years. Just eight months ago we came to Mysore,” said Anand, who has quit his job and wish to become organic farmer.

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