Thursday, October 3, 2013

Woman to create replica of Golden Throne in dasara

 A replica of the Golden Throne placed inside the Darbar Hall will be the major attraction in this year's dasara flower show. Sandhya Yadav, a resident of Bangalore will create it using around one lakh of dutch roses of different colours such as red, yellow, orange and pink.
Artificial semi precious pearls will be used to decorate the throne.
The height of the throne will be 12 feet in height, breadth around 8 to 10 feet, while length will be 18 feet. About 45 persons will work for three days round the clock from October 3. About 30 persons are working on fabrication, while 15 persons decorate flowers, and embed stones on the structures.
The surrounding place of the throne will be decorated on the lines of Darbar Hall using lilies and anthurium flowers. The cost of the entire model is approximated around Rs 8 lakh.
“This is my first visit to Mysore during dasara. I am really feeling proud to be part of Dasara activities. It's dream cum true,” she said, adding that the basic structure of golden throne will be done by her colleague Uma Shankar. Horticulture officials, claim this is the first time women being exhibiting works.
Sandhya has undergone training from the teachers of So-getsu School , (a natural grass with droplets) situated in Tokyo. She is not only good at flower arrangements but also in vertical gardening, terrarium (bottle gardening), tray gardening, miniature landscape, hanging gardening, Hydrophonic (the art of growing plants as a medium), Aquaphonics growing vegetables and fishes in the same unit and much more.
By making use of discarded water pipes, scrap pieces of wood and used plastic bottles, beautiful designs can be created, without shelling much money, she revealed.

Her earlier works
She has exhibited her works in ten district across state. She does decoration to Lord Ventakeshwara in Tirupathi during Vaikunata Yakadashi and has created Ganda Bherunda, Krishna Leela, Kalinga Mardana, River Cauvery taking birth from the hills of Pushpagiri and Brahmagiri Hills, Cinderella, Barbie Doll and several others. She has plans of opening an floral and herbal horticulture institute.
“Though I had the opportunity to take part in the international flower shows being held at Singapore and Netherland, I couldn't participate their due to financial constraints,” she added.
Stating her grand father Mobbanna Raju, then Director of Horticulture Department used to take her to the gardens in her school holidays, she said with opposition from parents, she has ventured into urban horticulture sector.
Interestingly after completing BSC in electronics, and working for a company for about eight months and earning handful of money, she has quit the job with the keen interest she had in horticulture and flower arrangement. After taking loans from the bank, she has started a floral designing company in Bangalore a decade ago.

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