Friday, March 29, 2013

They strive for the upliftment of downtrodden

Women who enter the election fray face several problems. Especially in the absence of support from family members, woman standing for election is itself an achievement and big challenge. If she won the elections the challenges become even tougher.

There are several instances where elected women representatives have been snubbed by heads of villages, local leaders for not doing favours to them. In spite of these odds, there are few elected women representatives who stick to their stand and are creating wonders at Panchayat Raj level.

Prema Shivaraj, GP member of Hirege village, HD Kote has taken up several developmental works for the welfare of the women and children. She is educating villagers about child marriage, importance of girls education and has stopped four marriages. She ensures no drop out children from schools.

By visiting Self Help groups she educates women about domestic violence, evils of child marriage and how to solve family problems. She helps widows and disabled persons get access to Government pension benefits. She has ensured majority of the schools get access to water by digging borewells.

Accompanied with another GP Member Pushpa, she is admitting even children belonging to nomads to school, and planning to provide them permanent shelter, help them get access to Government schemes including a permanent house.

Manjula, a GP member of Hebbur, Chamarajanagar, hailing from a Schedule Caste family refused to curry favours for local village heads. Amidst strong oppositions she won the elections not once, but twice. She is working for the upliftment of the poor and backward community people. She has solved drinking water problem, implementing various government schemes, and recovering the pending revenue dues in the village.

Somwarpet Hangal GP member Chandirka and Komala of Channamgere GP, KR Nagar have discovered that many of the families have obtained BPL cards by furnishing false information. Taking a bold step, the duo have raised voice against the decision of Panchayat heads and have ensured the BPL cards is hold by genuine beneficiaries.

The people in village were not interested to enroll under the employment guarantee scheme, but through persistent door-to-door campaign Chandirka has made them aware of benefits of the scheme.

GP Member Shruthi of Lalandevanahalli, KR Nagar is collecting tax by villagers and ensuring the reserved amount be used for the development of SC/ST. GP Members Manjula (Hebbasur), Vasantha, Rani (Panchavalli) are concentration of domestic violence, atrocity towards women and involving NGOs are trying to solve the problems. 

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