Saturday, October 27, 2012

Palace to generate power from Footfall

World Famous Mysore Palace, which attract lakhs of people every year, will shortly generate power from footfalls. For the first of its kind in India, innovative measure has been taken up by Palace Board to generate power from footsteps and to connect the generated power to grid.

If every things goes as per the plan by Deepavali major of the palace bulbs will be illuminated by the power generated through footsteps.

Palace Board Deputy Director TS Subramanyam said that every year 36 lakh people visit Palace and about 7000 in week ends, the foot falls slabs placed will be very helpful to generate power.

The power generating slabs which will be waterproof will be placed in flooring. It will be in the form of tiles which replaces flooring.
When anyone step into it power will be produced. The generated foot power will be enough to illuminate most of the bulbs in palace. By the initiative of this programme, the electricity costs will come down to higher per cent at Palace, say Palace officials.

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