Saturday, October 27, 2012

Gadag artistes educate people about modern surge 'AIDS'

 A team of twelve members service minded artistes from Gadag, have descended on Mysore for dasara, not to take part in any events, but for a noble cause. They are putting their best efforts to spread awareness about this modern surge called AIDS by traditional methods.

As large crowed will be visiting Mysore to watch world-famous Jumboo Savari, the artistes have made best use of this. Wearing traditional dresses, depicting AIDS as goddess of death entering into households, the artistes are creating awareness among people about control and prevention of AIDS, through folk songs, skits, short plays, magic show, Kamsale, Dollu Kunitha, Folk Songs, Veeraghase, and Yakshagana.

Three women members of the troupe dance and sang together conveying the message not to maltreat AIDS victims, but instead look after them humanely. Their scripts, songs, thought providing narration of plays, drew the attention of people in large number. The gathered people were seen greeting the troupe for their campaign against AIDS.

Through folk songs, skits they are informing people about importance of usage of condemns, and other prevention measure to be taken-up for safe sex, problems faced by HIV positive, the way society treats them and much more .

Team Leader D Prakash said that its need of the hour to educate people about AIDS. “When awareness spread through theaters, it reaches very effectively to people and even easy to make illiterate aware of the issue.”

The troupe is involved in sensitising people by staging street plays based on various social issues from long time. In Mysore, they are organising this event at 150 places across the city, twice in a day starting from October 16. The shows ends on October 25.

The troupe thanked District Health and Family Welfare Department and District AIDS Prevention and Control Unit for providing them the opportunity to stage plays during dasara.  

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