Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Unscientific construction of drains

In spite of the roads and footpaths are in quite good condition on Mahatma Gandhiji Road, the open drains and the unscientific placement of barricades over drain is posing threat to pedestrians on this road.

While widening the roads the concerned officials have failed to take appropriate measures about closing three drains situated on this stretch (behind exhibition grounds).

The barricades used over drain are been placed on the road at the distance of about 8-10 feet, causing inconvenience for both pedestrians and motorist. Due to this, pedestrians walking on the footpath are forced to step on the roads, while coming on this open drain.

Being one of the prominent road and connects several surrounding tourists places, thousands of vehicles ply on this Road and hundreds of people visit the vegetable market and the drainage have become hurdle for commuters. According to near by residents, some vehicles have hit the barricades, and its hard to pass over the drain.

Apart this, on both the sides of the roads the shrubs and weeds have grown widely on the vacant place, and has become heaven for snakes, mongoose, and rats.

Mani says, 'it seems like officials are waiting for any tragedy to happen. During rainy seasons the drain water fills till brim. If anyone unaware of the drain step in, what will be the consequences. Officials should think over this issue seriously and should provide commuter friendly footpaths.'

When contact Zone 9, Assistant Commissioner Mahesh said that infrastructure works comes under MUDA and he will visit the place shortly.

'Due to unscientific construction of drains, we are forced to walk on road. The drains should be closed at the earliest,' says Sudha.

Shruthi says, 'it will be a herculean task to use the footpaths in night. The officials should place a sign board near the drain.'

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