Sunday, April 8, 2012

This farmer conserves traditional seeds

This 62-year-old MK Shankar Guru has created a new innovation in the Agriculture Sector by growing an improved and high yielding variety of paddy 'NMS-2' and other varieties of paddy strains. In his 30 acres of land he has grow 14 varieties of rice strains and has utilized about 8 acres of land for plant breeding.

Hailing from Madarahalli Village, T Narsipura taluk, Shankar belongs to traditional agriculture family. Being in agriculture field from past 40 years he has grown all varieties of paddy in his field. Since 1992, he has started collecting and conserving traditional seeds.

The field trials in his land have been conducted by UAS Bangalore and the results were positive. He has distributed the seeds to farmers in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.

'NMS2' (Narsipura Madarahalli Shankar and even 'N' stands for his wife name Nirmala) is a fine rice of brick red colour. He has been developed through simple selection from local heterogeneous land race varieties.

He says, the seeds are very good for local atmosphere. He has taken seven years to stabilize the charters of variety of 'Salem Sanna'. For his innovation, University has provided him a certificate of performance. At present he is working to innovate some more new varieties of seeds.

He says 'in the 1960's many seed were developed using latest technology but the seeds did not sustained for long term. Whereas, the seeds developed with the traditional grassroots of crops have sustained from past 500 years. Even today there is a good demand for Rajamudi, Gheergesanna, and varieties of Salem Sanna,'

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