Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rock song in tulu steals the show at techNIEks,

Two tulu rock songs played by the 'Shifting Scales', Mangalore band troupe steal the show at the second day of national level youth meet, techNIEks, held at National Institute of Engineering in city on Friday.

The team members Austin (vocal), Kishin (lead guitar), Ranjan (rhythm guitar), Rahul (base) Ruben (drums) played two original number of classic rock they follow. They say, 'When people listen to our music, apart from listening to music they fell the emotions in the song.'

Another team members of 'Dead Incarnation' said that its a extentic pendulum for them to showcase their talent. 'We have played in Delhi, Hyderabad, Surat and many other places and the experienced obtained here is totally different,' says team members Somsarshai (drum), Siddhanth (vocal), Ashish (lead guitar), Ramizon (rhythm guitar), Abhimanyu (base guitar).

In total, 12 team of bands from different colleges took part in the rock band contest. Five team of participants had come from Bangalore, while one from Mangalore and rust from Mysore set fire on stage.

Each band comprising of four to five members of various colleges, have named their band troupes like 'Djentle Symphony', Dayanand Sagar College, Bangalore; 'Shifting Scales', Mangalore; Dead Incarnation, Bangalore; Ifret away – Bangalore; Cosmic Alchemy - NIE, Mysore and much more.

Only some students played music for album songs, whereas most of the students played the lyrics composed by them only on heavy metal rock band, Progressive, and various other. Some of the troupe members said that its a perfect platform to showcase their talent and share the ideas of other team members.

Rock band programme co-ordinator Sumanth said that there is a huge response for the show and plans have been made to extend the event from next year. Apart this NIEght Lights, the laser show will be held on March 31 at 8 pm. The students have also organised NIE-10K, the marathon run based on the theme 'Life is Beautiful' at 6 am.

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