Thursday, April 12, 2012

Paintings to depict Life History of Saint Basavanna

Several books have already been written and published detailing the life of 12th century social reformer, philosopher and statesman Saint Basavanna. But none had ventured to depict his life through paintings. The person attempting this is our own heritage city's 66-year-old senior Artist L Shivalingappa.

On account of Basava Jayanthi on April 24, he will exhibit his paintings at Suchitra Art Gallery in Kalamandira from April 22 to 26 which will be open between 11 am and 6 pm. While most of his paintings are water paintings, a few among them are oil paintings. He has been working on this for the past one year.

Keeping the Sharana movement (Kranthi) as phenomenon, he has sketched 32 paintings and he has further divided his works into two categories, Vachanas and Childhood. He has pasted the Vachanas in Kannada and English beneath the two corners of the each painting. He himself has only translated the Vachanas from Kannada to English.

While 10 paintings depicts about Basavanna's childhood and other paintings depict
his preaching how relevant to today's era. That is equality, women education,
unaccountability what we are fighting to over come today.

Basavanna's birth, his relationship with Cobbler Ketha, the sequences of Upanayana, his entry to Kodala Sangamadeva, his inspiration,
preachings, and much more are very well depicted and the naturality in the
paintings makes one spell bound.

Artist, Sculpture, Writer, Shivalingappa says, 'I have read many books and have
studied in depth about his life history before sketching. I have obtained sense of
satisfaction and am even proud enough to exhibit the series on Basavanna.'

'Most of the artists don’t read books and work on practical basics. But according
to me without the knowledge of litterature, its will be a difficult for artist. Apart from practical, theoretical basic is needed for an artist,' he added.

He claims, in the history of Karnataka he is the first to come out with the series of life history of Basavanna through paintings.

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