Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No traffic signal at this busy junction

There are several traffic junctions in the city which do not have any signal lights in-spite of the heavy vehicular movement. One such junction is at Chandramouleshwara Temple Circle adjacent to the Saraswathi Theater.

The junction links four roads, one leading to Chamarajapuram Railway Station (District Court), one towards Fire Brigade (connecting Ramuswamy Circle, Vinobha Road), other roads lead to Saraswathipuram, and another road heads towards KG Koppalu. In spite of heavy vehicular movement on this Road, Traffic Police have failed to provide a traffic light here.

To avoid vehicle riders meeting with accidents, the nearby residents had hoisted Kannada flag for a pole in middle of the road. As a result people used to circle it or bypass it. But during the demolition driver of temples, the officials have removed the pole, which has pushed the commuters into confusion.

Apart this, some trees roots to pose threat her. For road widening about 4-6 trees have been chopped long ago, but so far no measures have been taken to clear the roots of the tree and asphalt the road.

Tailor L Balaram, 'Must and should we need a traffic signal here. People get confuse while crossing this junction and daily about 10-12 people suffer from minor injuries. There are even some incidents where people have meet with the accidents.'

Ganesh says, 'even after repeated complaints to officials no one has look into this place. When the pole was erected the situation was quite good. During Railway signals, it is still more hard to cross this road.'

DCP Basavaraj Malagatti said that he will look into the issue and take appropriate action.

'The concerned officials should make efforts to either construct a proper circle at the place or install signal lights and make the road safe for drivers.'
- Borappa, KG Koppalu resident.

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