Sunday, April 8, 2012

Enjoy 88-year-old's four dimension work

Eighty Eight year-old GJ Mannur Gurappa has added a new dimension to the art field by creating a four dimension art-work titled, 'light effects on colour' by giving external light and sound affect for the painting. The paintings look different both when the lights are turned 'on' and 'off'.

Aptly named, 'light effects on colour', his painting of the four dimension on Deputy Commissioner's office on a rainy day, seems quite normal when the lights are switched off, but when the lights are tuned 'on' it makes the viewers spell bound.

He has used three bulbs in which thunderstorm, lighting, and reflection of DC office in the rain water collected at oval grounds, can be seen when the lights are turned on. With the work on lighting just completed, he is now concentrating to give appropriate sound effect and will be exhibiting it shortly.

So far he has created 51 such three dimension paintings and has sold two of them to art connoisseurs in France and Germany and has donated most of his paintings to University of Mysore.

Apart from being a creative artist, he is also good at writing and has penned six books some of which has bagged awards such as the one he penned on Corruption 'Bharat My Proposal' and the other titled, ' Sharana Sahityadalli Vigyana'.

He says, 'I took to art seriously after taking voluntary retirement in 1975 from the Department of Agriculture. In the beginning I worked only on two dimensions like and later started giving light effects for them. This four dimension work by providing sound is my first and last work.'

'Visualisation and appropriate colour combination are needed to create a picture with 'sound and light effect. In all my paintings I have tried to convey a message to populace.'

About his work

To start with he sketches the painting on a drawing sheet and fills it with colours. Later using a wooden box he fixes the painting inside the box and provides lighting effect based on the virtue.

For example: A painting which depicts a farmer ploughing dry land using cow when the lights are 'off', will change suddenly to a farmer ploughing green land using tractor when lights are turned 'on'. In this painting he has conveyed the message that mechanization in agriculture is required to grow good yield.

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