Sunday, April 1, 2012

Conjunctivitis rise in city

Due to increase in temperature and pollution, eye problems are common in summer and Mysore is no exception from this. The conjunctivitis has increased three times in city.

According to KR Hospital Ophthalmologist Department HoD Dr Venkatagowda per day about 40-60 people are visiting the hospital citing eye problems, in which about 30-40 people are suffering from allergic conjunctivitis and viral conjunctivitis. He says, during the winter about 8-10 persons suffer from eye problem.

The symptoms of eye problems are itching and redness of eyes, pricking sensation, discharge and watering in eyes. One can prevent the spread of infection by maintaining good hygiene and washing the eyes with clean water, he added.

According to Vasan Eye Care Hospital Dr KV Rajesh conjunctivitis spreads very easily and compare to elders, children are more vulnerable for allergic disorders.
The persons having viral conjunctivitis should not share their handkerchiefs or towels and limit their contact for the first couple of days and should use antibiotic eye drops and eye ointments only under medical supervision.

Where as the persons having Allergic conjunctivitis, should wash their hands with cold water twice a day and should stay away from dusty areas, should wear protective eye glasses and use eye drops, wear googles to prevent chlorine allergies and swimming pool conjunctivitis.

Dry Eyes
Dry eyes syndrome is also common in summer due to increase temperature and rapid tear film evaporation. To avoid this preservative free lubricating eye drop, good sleep for six to eight hours helps to rejuvenate eyes in a natural way, says Dr Rajesh.

Eye care tips

- Use standard sunglasses to avoid harmful Ultra violet rays to enter the eyes
- Care of personal hygience is important.
- Rubbing of eyes with dirty hands can aggravate the problems.
- Avoid eye make-up as far as possible
- Take lots of fluids to avoid dehydration
- Use lubricant eye drops on regular basis, after consulting the doctor

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