Sunday, April 1, 2012

Animal sacrifice unabated at foot of Chamundi Hills

In spite of several efforts made by Government to stop the ritual of animal sacrifice in temples and other places of worship it is surprising that the practice is still being continued till today at the foot of Chamundi Hills (where people climb by foot) and Devi Kere.

Every Tuesday and Friday dozens of sheep and chicken are being slaughtered here as part of fulfilling vows made to the Goddess Chamundeshwari. Apart this, during Chamundeshwari Festival and one month prior to Ugadi more people visit the temple and offer their 'Harake'.

The meat of these slaughtered sheep is cooked and consumed at the foot of hills only by collecting water from the nearby tap. Whereas some people carry back to homes. The blood stains can be seen on the footsteps splashed after the slaughter.

Though the District Administration has been making elaborate arrangements to put an end to such practices as it recently did at the famous Kappadi fair near Chamarajnagar, it is indeed surprising that it has not taken any steps to ban this practice right at the foot of Chamundi Hills visited by thousands of tourists and devotees.

Bettada Balaga Team members Vittal, Babu who climb steps regularly, said that 'The sight of animals being openly slaughtered is disgusting to watch. It spoils the serenity and sanctity of the place and disturbs the mind. Even though we have protested many times and requested Deputy Commissioner to take appropriate action there is no use. Sacrificial offerings should be banned here too, as the rule enforced everywhere.'

When contacted DC PS Vastrad his mobile was switch-off, while Police Commissioner KL Sudheer said that he will look into the issue.

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