Thursday, March 8, 2012

Now comes jewellery embedded with plant seeds !

Here is an architect who has blended his architect skills to sustain the dying art and has used his architectural skills for creating wonderful pieces of jewellery using seeds of plants. Hailing from Narendrapur in Kolkata, 48-year-old Lakshman Shah has created beautiful pieces of jewellery and ornaments like bracelet, bangles, earrings, necklaces, long chains, pendants and several others, by using plant seeds.

He has crafted jewels using seeds of Red Sandalwood Tree, Soapnut, Canna Indica, Jobtear, Paddy, Olive, Soya Bean and various others trees. He has mixed seeds of various sizes and colours to give a modern look to the ornaments, drawing immediate attention of the onlooker. Apart from retaining their natural colour and aroma, he has given natural look for the jewels.

"Around 2,500 years ago it was a common practice for the Queens in South India to wear jewels made of plants which symbolized their royal lineage. Though all plant seed cannot be used, I select seeds that have long life, strong with ethnic colours and appear smooth. Most of the seeds have good medicinal properties,' he said.

'I buy seeds from Forest Department at reasonable price. As the seeds are found in plenty in summer I book in advance according to my requirement for the entire year. According to the design, I select size of seeds and my wife also helps me to create jewelleries. The difficult is to make ornaments using paddy. By wearing these type of jeweleries one can be in contact with mother nature and there is a need to protect this dying art,' he said.

He relies on his skills to d├ęcor the jewels with new designs and shapes. Presently Lakshman is in Mysore to take part in the 'Craft of India' handicraft and handloom exhibition being held at JSS Urban Haat in Hebbal on account of Ugadi. The exhibition is open till February 18 between 10 am and 9 pm.


  1. Hi, Thanks for this nice article. Is there a way to contact Lakshman Shah to get some of these pretty pieces? Thanks, Anita Narayan

  2. Yes it's really wonderful .iam also want this jewellery

  3. Yes it's really wonderful .iam also want this jewellery

  4. Yes it's really wonderful .iam also want this jewellery

  5. plz let me know how can i contact him?