Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Street vendors strive hard for livelihood

To provide free vehicular movement, recently, city's traffic police completely banned parking on Krishna Vilas Road at Thindi Beedhi, with the result the road-side vendors are losing business.

Though alternate parking has been provided in the vacant place in front of the Nallapattanna Police Station, many are not aware of this parking place and they just simply drive away.

They start parking their mobile canteens from 3 pm and sell hot instant foods, preparing freshly on the spot and continue their business till 11 pm. The vendors were once having a roaring business in this small stretch of road, are now striving hard for livelihood.

If people visiting this place park their two and four wheelers on one side of the road, opposite to the food selling push-carts. There is no chance for them to escape from the mouth of 'Tiger' (tow vehicles).

Expressing their helplessness to Express, Kumar who sells Chinese item said that 'earlier most of the people used to visit this place and have snacks. But now gradually the number has been decreased due to afraid of 'Tiger'.

'Officials have placed 'No parking' sign board. If any vehicles park their vehicles they will be fined and four wheelers will be locked using wheel clamp. Hence, most of the people scared of 'Tiger', have stopped visiting the place,' he says.

Another street vendor Rajeev, opines that a traffic police Inspector has been exclusively deputed to monitor the vehicles which parked on this road.

Food vendors are requesting to restore the vehicular parking once again assuring if the vehicles are parked orderly it would not cause any traffic jam to other vehicles. Will the concerned authorities take a favourable decision in this regard considering their plea.

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