Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DDPI office to be converted into Transmit Home

The office of the Deputy Director of Public Instruction(DDPI) situated at Bannimantap will be converted into 'Chinnara Thangudhama' (Transmit Home) by next week, where challenging children will be provided shelter.

To provide shelter for deprived children under Sarva Shikshana Abhiyan, the Dept. of Education has launched this pioneer project, 'Chinnara Thangudhama', a Transit Home along with Residential School. Already Rs 15,20,000 has been sanctioned by the government for this project and a MoU has been signed with NGO Don Boscoe.

The Department with the assistance of the NGO has already identified 1,074 children in the age group of 4 to 14 years of which 853 are boys and 221 girls from 47 different backgrounds like children of Beedi workers, beggars, book binders, bullock cart drivers, bus cleaners, butchers, carpenters, maid servants, agarbathi workers, garage shop workers, rag pickers, street children and those found working with parents, orphans and various other categories. In 1,074, about 784 children were working as sales boy and girls (241), coolie (151), street children 147, others 143, helper (85) and Mechanics (27).

Speaking to Express, Puushottam, Deputy Project Co-ordinator for Samanvaya Yojana, said that around 50 children will be housed at Transmit House while another 100 children will be housed at the Residential School.

"Every six months the children at transmit house will be moved out and admitted to nearby schools, seeking permission of their parents, if they are alive. The remaining children will be provided shelter and schooling facility at different schools with the help of NGOs", added Purushotham.


Hardship to officers

The normal practice is officers and staff work in the same buidling. But the present situation in the DDPIs office is different.

The DDPI Office which is functioning at Bannimantap is functioning since January 18 at the Joint Director of Collegiate Education on JLB road (behind The New Indian Express Office).

As only the DDPI's offices has been shifted, the junior officers of the DDPI have to come all the way from Bannimatap to JLB Road, to get signature of the DDPI for relevant files or to discuss any official matters.

Speaking to Express DDPI BK Basavaraju said that he will discuss the matter with JDA and make arrangements to construct additional rooms in the same premises after obtaining due permission.

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