Sunday, November 13, 2011

Work and Study : She loves her job and education equally

'Instead of searching only after completion of education its better to find a job and pursue our studies simultaneously and gain experience'

21-year-old Asha who has a very positive outlook doesn't depend on anyone. She is doing her B.Com at Banumaiah's Evening College and working as an Assistant in the Auditing Office at a private establishment for the past two-and-half years. She says with her earnings she is capable to support her education and there is no need to depend on parents.

Asha has been able to balance both her academics and job quite ably as one is sustaining the other. She carries her books to the work place where she studies whenever she finds some spare time, though on Sundays she devouts most of her time on for studies. Her earnings are enough to support her education as well meet some personal and family expenditures.

She says, 'Instead of searching for a job only after completion of education as everybody does and then getting depressed when unable to get one, it is better to find a job and pursue our studies simultaneously so that we not only get working experience but also know the value of money. Apart this, reading books improves your knowledge, working on the job gives you the much needed experience as you come into contact with various kinds of people and also encounter different circumstances.'

According to her going to a day college doesn't serve any purpose as she is able to learn the same by attending an evening college along with having good working experience by fruitfully employed in the day. Being a B.Com student, working in the Accounts Department has brought her more cheers as she is in the same line of work as her studies. She doesn't own any vehicle and manages time by traveling in bus.

She even goes for typing classes in the morning at 7am and after that she leaves for her work where remain till 5.30 pm in the evening on office. Then she is off to college at 6 pm and returns home around 9.30pm. Her parents are supportive of her efforts as she is earning enough not to depend on anyone for her all her expenditures including pocket money.

B Asha
Final year B.Com
Banumaiah's Evening College

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