Thursday, November 17, 2011

This Physically challenged girl wills to reach higher extent in sports

As the adage goes, where there is a will there is a way, this 17-year-old physically challenged girl has willed to reach greater heights not just in her academics but also in sports.

PS Netravathi was born with the entire left fore-arm, wrist and hand missing below the elbow. Without feeling hurt for the loss of her limb, she took to sports, stood courageously against all odds, challenging other sports persons by participating in competitions.

While most teenagers of her age, especially with such a handicap, shy away from sports. But Netravathi, a first year BA student of Maharani's College became the cynosure of all eyes when she took part in the 83rd three-day Athletic meet organized by the University of Mysore at Oval Grounds on Tuesday.

Taking part in high-jump, long-jump and running race, she became an instant attraction for the crowds who had assembled there to watch the sporting activities. Hailing from Palahalli in Mandya District, Netravati is proud daughter of Srinivas and Lakshmidevi who are both agriculturists.

Having participated in several events since childhood, she has won several medals and certificates. Strangely, she has not been selected to represent the State in the sports events held at national-level.

She has plans of become a teacher in future, while at the same time continue with her sporting activities. So far she hasn't faced any problem to pursue with her sporting activities which in fact has even helped her to maintain good health. She is thankful to her parents and teachers for constantly encouraging her to participate in sporting events.

Though she could even play kho-kho with the same ease like others, she gave up after some time. Netravathi keeps herself fit by doing exercises regularly. She is good in painting too. 'I have keen liking for both academic as well as sports. But due to lack of adequate financial support, it is not possible to get appropriate training and achieve further in sports,' she says.

Sheshanna, a senior sports person opined that it's quite arduous to participate in the long jump event with just one hand, as both hands are needed to propel the body forward in the beginning before taking the plunge. But still Netravathi is able to compete with normal contestants and beat them. He advised her to continue her practice by joining a sports academy meant to train specially abled children.

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