Monday, November 28, 2011

The creative man behind ZP Stalls at the Dasara Exhibition grounds

If Zilla Panchayat (ZP) stalls at Mysore Dasara Exhibition Grounds have become the cynosure of attraction, then it was possible largely due to the creativity of one dextrous artist who has been working relentlessly for the past 20 years creating models, miniatures, and paintings, to educate the masses about the various government schemes and also inform them of the government's achievements.

Artist D Ananda Murthy is the talented man educating the people through his creative displays. He introduced for the first time the Dinasorous with sound effect inside Dasara expo premises. He then took up working simultaneously on the Mysore ZP and various other stalls and has won first place three times and expecting this year too.

Most of his works are based on educating rural folk about the various schemes specially meant for them like the Udyog Scheme, Right to Employment and Information utilizing creatively designed three-dimensional models, awareness on proper usage of water, its conservation are also displayed. In addition to this he has created replica of KRS Reservoir complete with illumination and also the Harangi Reservoir.

Stall of Suvarna Grama (depicting a model village) has come out very well. The miniature life like models used here makes one spellbound. Here he has brought out the measures to be taken to develop a village, protect underground water, sustainable agriculture methods, imparting quality education, holding Panchayat meetings and other such issues. All these concepts have been explained using models and not photographs / flexboards. Last year he had chosen rain water harvesting, mid-day meal, importance of compulsory primary education and others.

He claims that he was the first to sketch pictures of the most notorious forest brigand Veerappan in different angles and helped cops to get a true portrait of his appearance. Based on the details provided to him by the eye-witness, he creates their rough sketch and helping the Police department to nab culprits. He is doing this work freely.

He says 'Since 1992, some officials brought changes in ZP stalls and gave the contract for artists. As I was interested in rendering social service and want to create awareness among people through the medium of art, I enjoy this work. The art works are understood by everyone and I think educating people is also a from of social service.'

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