Monday, April 4, 2011

Incredible creation : Tiny graphite work on pencil lead

Creates wonders on pencil lead like Interlocking chains, images, sculptures and aims to make Guinness Record

Here is a person who gives life to the dead through his incredible creation. S Nanjundaswamy from Tilak Nagar is the artist who has created 600 varieties of wonders from the broken lead pencils.

Cricket fever has griped all over the country and being avid fan of cricket with lot of hope and enthusiast Nanjundaswamy has carved India-Srilanka finals result on the 12 feet pencil which depicts India team holding world cup on the pencil lead and 17 countries flag on pencil wood.

He has also carved Sacchi Tendulkar, Dhoni and many other batsman on pencil lead by interlinking chain.

Lord Gomateshwara, Vivekanada Swami, Jesus has also adored his lead and actress like Rajkumar, Ambarsih, Upendra, Sudeep, Darshan, Shivarajkumar and many others images have been carved

Speaking to Express Nanjundaswamy said that 'Creating this tiny graphite work was accidental in my life. While I was sharpening my pencil for drawing, suddenly I saw a face on pencil lead and thought of carving it and worked on it for a week to give it a correct posture. Later, I decided to carve in graphite of a pencil since 2003.

In initial I began with carving names on lead, wood of a pencil and slowly I started sculpture and now my aim is to create Guiness Record by carving the pencil within two minutes, says Nanjundaswamy who has exhibited his talent in Chitra Santhe and many other exhibition through out the Karnataka.

Though the creation of interlinking chains looks like two pencils have interlocked but in only one lead he has carved it. 'The interlinking chains takes lot of time and most effort, if the pencil lead breaks in any one side of the chain the whole works goes wrong,' he quoted.

Yeddi blooms in lotous
He has carved Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa blooming from lots flower. Using 7300 led he has carved Mysore's Chamarajendra Wadiyar Circle and took 28 days to complete it.

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