Saturday, February 12, 2011

Age doesn’t matter for this artist

The 72-year-old artist LSN Achar creates history in the field of art

Art is a splendor thing. It always conveys some message which reflects the artist’s soul. Here is one such artist L. Shankara Narayana Achar where his artistic talent and creativity are evident in all his art works. The landscapes and historic buildings provided enough grist to Achar’s talent.

This 72-year-old artist was working as Deputy Director of Land records Department and after his retirement he has dedicated his most of his time in painting. His watercolor Art works evidenced by some of his vibrant compositions appear to be his forte through his Landscape paintings and his depiction of modernity in Indian, western and folklore styles are equally impressive. The shadow and burning light effects have effectively sketched.

Speaking to Express he said “From my childhood I was fond of drawing. My parents and tutor encouraged me more. In my college life I used to attend the Zoo and started to sketch the habitats of animals and plants. I first grasp the object in mind later I start painting it accordingly. My paintings have placed as cover page illustration of many books.

“Out of my 450 painting. I draw Moder Art, Wester Art, Indian Art using Acrylic and Water painting. There are many art schools in the city students should utilize this opportunity and reach to a greater extent in life. Being an artist they should develop the habit of practicing, which makes them perfect.

He has exhibited more than 122 paintings at Sree Kalanikethana School of Art in Vijayanagar 2nd Stage from February 8 to 12 between 10 am to 7 pm.

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